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May 19, 2022

Statement on Pima County Attorney's Office Decision Not to Charge Robert Szelewski

Statement on Pima County Attorney's Office Decision Not to Charge Robert Szelewski



Larry Wulkan, an attorney at Zwillinger Wulkan, who represents the Aloisi family, commented on the Pima County Attorney’s decision not to charge Officer Robert Szelewski:

Officer Szelewski’s road rage overcame him leading him to start a fight where he physically assaulted two nurses, one of whom is handicapped and is in her 60s.  The Aloisi family is disappointed that no criminal charges are currently being filed against Officer Szelewski.

The family is hopeful that the Tucson Police Department’s internal affairs department will ultimately conclude what is obvious:  that Officer Szelewski’s conduct was unreasonable, illegal, and in violation of the department’s policies and will discipline him accordingly.

If the City of Tucson is unwilling to take the steps necessary to ensure the Aloisi family obtains the justice it deserves, the family will file a lawsuit.  Anyone watching the video can see that this police officer was violent and out of control.  It is shocking that a police officer would violently attack two women, both who are nurses, because they were not crossing a parking lot as fast as he wanted.

Worse yet is that a police officer would put his knee on a non-violent, non- threatening woman’s neck, using the exact same technique that was used against George Floyd.

For more information, contact Larry Wulkan at or (602) 962-0089.

Larry J. Wulkan

Larry Wulkan’s practice concentrates on three areas: general civil and commercial litigation, civil rights litigation, and catastrophic injury litigation.  He focuses on large, complicated cases with many moving parts.

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