Civil Rights Litigation

Civil Rights Litigation

Abuse of power is wrong, and some of the most egregious abuses are those committed by law enforcement acting unlawfully under the authority of their office.

Civil Rights Litigation

Fortunately, the United States Constitution has the Bill of Rights, which guarantees all persons in this country protection from government misconduct.

The right to be free from excessive force, the right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures, and the right to be free from cruel and unusual punishment are fundamental rights protected by law.  Violations of these rights are litigated by Zwillinger Wulkan’s civil rights attorneys.

We represent victims of police brutality and wrongful arrest, including the victims of wrongful seizure, excessive force by law enfocement officers, police brutality, police shootings, restraint asphyxia, and indifference to jail inmates’ safety or medical needs by correctional officers.

We also represent prison inmates who were assaulted, neglected, tortured, and/or sexually abused by jail or prison staff while in custody.

We have unique experience helping individuals and families who have had negative experiences with law enforcement.

Zwillinger Wulkan civil rights attorneys, led by Scott Zwillinger and Larry Wulkan, have been getting justice for victims of civil rights violations for over 20 years.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, although different laws can apply in different jurisdictions and situations, the simple truth is that anyone using the power given to them — by any level of government — to violate the civil rights of a person is breaking the law, and the person harmed by that violation may have the right to sue for compensation.

Prisoners have civil rights too, and if a prisoner has those rights violated, whether through direct violence from a corrections officer or through the neglect of the prison administration, that prisoner has the right to demand justice.

Police and all law enforcement officers are supposed to be trained on how to arrest an individual without causing unnecessary harm.  If force is used in excess of what is required by their training and allowed by the law, that is a serious civil rights violation, and is grounds for a civil rights lawsuit.

Yes, you absolutely should.

First, you have already suffered harm that you need to be compensated for, and often the only way to get it is through pursuing legal action.

Second, holding law enforcement accountable is the best way we’ve seen for getting governments to invest more in the training and protocols of law enforcement.  Your lawsuit may not just get you the compensation you deserve, it may benefit your entire community.

Yes, it matters.

There are different laws that cover different situations and different jurisdictions, so misconduct by an FBI agent would be handled differently than misconduct by a local police officer.

But one thing that’s not different is that civil rights violations are wrong, and those who suffer them have the right to pursue justice.